Thank you for visiting my blog! I welcome constructive comments of all types from my readers ‚̧

You may call me Aria Sky ūüôā It’s not my “real name” but it’s the name I’ve chosen to use here and it reflects myself in a way that I quite like. You can read more about my name choice in this post.

I am a late-diagnosed Autistic mother. I’d strongly suspected that I was Autistic¬†for over 4 years when I¬†received my formal Autism diagnosis¬†in August 2016, at the age of 33.

I’m a musician and writer. I’ve done neither one very professionally, although I have been paid for doing both in small quantities throughout my life.

Some of my posts are partially taken from the journaling I’ve sporadically done in the past. I’ve been writing about myself and trying to figure out who I am, for as long as I’ve been able to. I’ve never stuck with the private journaling for very long, but I’ve amassed quite a lot of words over the years.

I am currently blogging anonymously¬†and will continue to blog anonymously for the foreseeable future. The previous link explains more about why I’ve made that decision. I greatly appreciate that those who know my identity have been so¬†respectful of my anonymity.

Everything I post here is based on my own personal experiences and/or is true to the best of my knowledge.

~Aria Sky, a.k.a. Mamautistic, February 2017