Mismatched Dishes

I eat from mismatched dishes. They’re my favorite kind.

Lonely, without the rest of their set, they wait. I find them on shelves and tables at thrift or charity shops, at church rummage sales, and at yard sales.

I bring them home and they become part of my very unique and awesome set of dishes. My dishes have different shapes, lines, colors, capacities, and a very specific order they must be stacked in the cabinet. All put together they make my shelves and mealtimes much more fun and interesting.

When people come over, I love to see which mug or plate or bowl they choose. Do they pick a blue glass jar or a large clear glass for their water? When people compliment me on my array of varied styles then I can tell that they’re probably a good fit and we’ll get along fairly well. At least we can geek out together about the awesome thrifty dish choices I’ve made and that’s a start!

I cannot imagine choosing just one dish pattern when there are so many different sorts available.

If I bought things brand new then I’d want everything to be the same, I think, but because I do my absolute best to buy things used, going for variety is one of my favorite things in the entire world!

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