I have a confession to make: I’ve never been very good at blogging or even privately journaling regularly. I have many posts in various stages of being written for this blog, but it’s been a bit difficult to regain any kind of equilibrium after everything that happened in November.

So! I’m going to write an update on what’s been happening lately that has either affected or been a direct part of my life.

I’ll make each change of topic headed by a line of bolded text so that anyone reading can easily skip any topic that seems boring (or all of them might end up being boring, I don’t know – I feel kind of boring right now) or triggering, given that I discuss some current political events. I’ll get the current events out of the way first thing though!

I’m in the USA, so there was the election.

The presidential election result was, to put it mildly, beyond disappointing to me. To be more accurate, it’s rather terrifying. I was hoping that much of the president-elect’s campaigning theatrics was just that, theatrics, but it’s becoming clear (based on cabinet position choices and other incidents) that it probably wasn’t theatrics. This is also real life, not a dystopian novel, although it certainly could begin to resemble one much more closely over the next few years.

Honestly though, even if his role had been largely theatrics, his supporters have always appeared to be in earnest about the more worrisome aspects of his campaign so it wouldn’t have been all sunshine and roses even so, but still. It would’ve been marginally better, I think. His ardent supporters follow him so fervently that they would probably follow his lead about, well, anything. Maybe. Ugh. I have a difficult time going down this path of thought so I’m going to leave it there.

My own (seemingly pointless) role in the election.

As a, largely, left libertarian I am not actually represented by any of the current political parties in my country. So, I usually vote 3rd party whenever possible as a protest against the 2-party system. This year was different. I believed (and still do believe) that it was of paramount importance to clearly vote against the racist, xenophobic fascist, so I voted for the only other viable candidate under our current 2-party system, even though I wasn’t overly thrilled with that choice either.

Naturally, it made no difference since I’m in a deep red Southern state, but at least I did what I could.

It was recently November, so I participated in National Novel Writing Month.

In an amazing, but oh so difficult, show of fortitude I not only vastly surpassed my 50k NaNoWriMo word count goal by writing nearly 65k words total, but I made it through my entire novel from the very beginning to the very end of the storyline for the first time since I first started doing this in 2008!!! This is a big deal because now I can actually move on to editing once the holidays are finished.

There is still a great deal of editing to do and there are parts of the story that I will likely completely slash just because they take away from the main plot. Most are issues that are too complicated to deal with in a side-plot type of situation and I’d rather write something else that has those themes as more of a main story arc than try and cram everything I want to say into the one story.

Some difficult things from my past popped up to haunt me while I wrote.

I ended up writing a few fairly traumatic scenes that were much more autobiographical than I had intended them to be. Somehow, the timing ended up with them being written in the 2-3 days following the election. That was intense, to say the least. Then, about a week after that, I was having daily panic attacks during the parts where my main character was in college. So, yeah, some heavy emotional work was also being done while I wrote.

I’m reading The Handmaid’s Tale for the first time.

And it’s been giving me the weirdest dreams ever, which has not helped with my insomnia/irregular sleeping hours issue.

I hurt my foot badly for the first time ever after an uneventful decade of being barefoot almost 24/7.

With about 10 days left in November, a heavy metal object fell on one of my feet and my smallest toes have been in some degree of pain ever since. It’s gradually getting better, but I couldn’t walk on that foot for a good week and it’s just now getting to the point where I can sort of put a little pressure on the outer edge of that foot when I walk or stand.

Thankfully, I only got a couple of little tiny scratches that barely punctured my skin, so there wasn’t any infection risk. My toes are all lying in the correct direction and the swelling has completely gone down at this point. There’s still some bruising and I have difficulties wearing shoes because they exert pressure on the sore spots, but overall, it’s gotten much better and I’m very relieved about that! I’ve been keeping them “buddy splinted” with the other toes, which has helped with the discomfort too.

So, dealing with that has been taking up a great deal of my energy as well.

Miscellaneous holiday stuff has been happening too.

My kids have had performances and events. We’ve been invited to various things. I’ve had a great excuse to not do much extra due to my foot injury, but there’s still been a lot going on.

Definitely not all bad things – also busy things that sap my energy.

But, I’m going to do my best to keep writing even if it’s slow going for a little while longer.

Because I don’t want this blog to end up like my personal blog where I write maybe 2-3 posts every year.

I want to keep writing and connecting with others who deal with the same sorts of things I do.

I want to record my experiences and thoughts in the hope that they’re helpful to some of the folks who find my writings.

This seems to be a worthwhile endeavor and I usually quit doing those, so I’m determined not to quit for once!

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