CW: Pet death mentioned briefly

About a year ago now the cats we’d had for many years died. I waited not-so-patiently all that year for my family members to be ready to get another cat. I was ready pretty much immediately to go out and adopt all the cats possible, but other family members needed more time. It took my allistic (non-autistic) counterpart the longest of us all, but finally!

We have kittens ❤ The children and I are beyond thrilled!

The last few weeks have been rough. I’ve been missing my kitties and also just missing having cats around the house. It took me a little while to figure out what was wrong, but our vet sent us a nice card on the year anniversary of the oldest cat’s death and it all made sense suddenly.

The one year anniversaries of difficult things are always rough for me and usually I don’t figure out why I’m struggling until the depression has mostly passed. It’s as if the time of year has the sadness programmed somehow to pop up again without me even knowing about it.

But anyhow, we just adopted a brother/sister pair of two month old kittens and they are just the sweetest little cuddlebugs. One is black and one is grey. I have a sweet little black kitten snuggling me right now and I’ve not been so happy in months. They’re also very active and playful when they aren’t tired and snuggly. So much fun! Also a bit of work to make sure our house is safe for them with things put up more than they have been over the last year, but it’s a good motivation to keep things put away more. They will play with pretty much anything right now whether we want them to or not.

It’s been so long since I last had little kittens and I’ve never had them in such a big house as this, but it’s so lovely to have them as part of our family!

Random Aria trivia fact: black cats are my favorites 🙂

3 thoughts on “Kittens!!!

  1. If you would be willing to share pictures of your kittens on your blog, people typically react well to that. 😉

    I’m sorry you were dealing with the anniversary depression and I’m so glad you guys got kittens!

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    1. Not sharing photos is one of the things I really dislike about being anonymous, but I’ve recently reevaluated my situation and still come up with being anonymous as the best decision for right now. Posting kitten photos would potentially “out” my identity to people in my life who don’t need to know about this blog for privacy reasons. As my children get older (and with their consent) I’ll probably change my anonymous status, but sadly there will be no kitten pictures yet.

      Thank you! I’m so happy to have these little baby cats ❤

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