Autistic House Moving Pandemic Style

My highly neurodivergent family is moving.

By “my highly neurodivergent family” I mean myself, Counterpart, my girlfriend, and our combined five children.

Descriptions of our neurodivergences:

All but two of us are Autistic. At least five of us have ADHD and I might have that too. Haven’t been evaluated for ADHD, but it seems likely.

Only one child hasn’t been diagnosed with anything and that’s because they haven’t yet struggled enough to justify an evaluation for anything. They have hyperfocusing abilities, but seem to be able to wield them skillfully, unlike the rest of us.

Anyhow, back to moving.

None of us do well with change and a move to a place a couple states away is a big huge change even without a pandemic and extensive social restrictions.

Thankfully we have had the luxury of moving gradually due to the fact that we ended up with a significant overlap between buying our new house and renting our current house. If you can ever manage this, oh my goodness, it has been amazingly easier than how we usually move.

The above was written a couple months ago now and we are settling into our new house pretty well. Of course there’s still a pandemic going on so we aren’t really settling in as well with our new community. We have grocery stores we can get to easily, we might actually be getting driver’s licenses this week finally, and we already had some friends here but we almost never get to see them.

Mostly right now I’m tired and it’s been difficult finding the energy or motivation to do much of anything aside from just surviving. There are still boxes to unpack and people to feed.

All around me, my country is falling apart even more than it was previously.

I’m honestly not sure how to keep hope right now. It’s been too much with the changes and everything else.

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