The Illogic of Expecting Autistic Adults to be #DiagnosedAutistic

A favorite talking point of some folks on the internet is that self-diagnosis of autism by Autistic adults isn't valid. On the surface, this seems like a somewhat reasonable position to take. After all, there are professionals who are trained in how to know whether someone is Autistic or not. What could be the harm … Continue reading The Illogic of Expecting Autistic Adults to be #DiagnosedAutistic

I’m alive!

And I very nearly wasn't. As it turns out, I've been pretty severely depressed for years now. My alleged friend in 2018 took full advantage of my depressed state and by the time I'd started dating my girlfriend last summer (yes, I'm married to a man and have a girlfriend -- maybe I'll write more … Continue reading I’m alive!

“Needing Structure” — What Does That Mean?

Re: Autistic people (especially children) and structure -- Based on my own experiences and those of other Autistic people with whom I've conversed about this issue, it's not usually structure or schedules, per se (on their own), that help us the most. Yet predictability can be an important support for us, especially when we're children. … Continue reading “Needing Structure” — What Does That Mean?