Low on Words

When things get hectic, stressful, or busy I often will get low on words. This isn't the same thing as losing words completely, but my ability to effectively communicate becomes lessened. I began writing this post months ago, but April's interactions with non-Autistics have already stolen many of my words so it's very relevant right now. … Continue reading Low on Words

Being Autistic is Everything – Autistic Acceptance

Autism is pervasive. That's the official term: pervasive : existing in... every part of something In my words, autism encompasses everything. Autism is ubiquitous, inescapable (positive or negative), total, and complete in my life. Autism is part of everything I do, think, and experience. Autism is part of everything that's me. Being Autistic affects everything. Autism … Continue reading Being Autistic is Everything – Autistic Acceptance

Autistic Parenting

I've found that being Autistic has greatly influenced my parenting style and I'd like to delve a bit more into that topic. Many Autistic adults are parents. In fact, most of the Autistic adults I know, especially in person, are mothers. Interestingly enough, those whom I know have tended to gravitate towards gentle parenting styles and … Continue reading Autistic Parenting


Over the years I've tried to pay attention to my ability to do various things. However, I don't always manage to notice the relevant patterns until I've ended up in (multiple) difficult and/or embarrassing situations. Volunteering was one of the patternless things in my life until this month. From the time I was 12 years old, … Continue reading Volunteering

Being Misunderstood and Mutism

Image description: Background is blue/white/grey ice crystals with the overlaying text reading, "Misunderstandings were constant, I could not get away. I pored over the dictionary to decide what to say. Unfairly, although we used the same words, We weren't speaking the same language, their meanings unheard, my meanings incorrectly inferred. ~Mamautistic, 2016" Being misunderstood is … Continue reading Being Misunderstood and Mutism

I Have Time

There's time. My words aren't going anywhere. I don't need to capture each one, frantically. They will still be here. I don't need to make up for those years, long ago tears. I can allow myself to catch up, it cannot happen in one thrill. Gradually let them unfold, the stories untold. All meant to be written, … Continue reading I Have Time