Being Autistic is Everything – Autistic Acceptance

Autism is pervasive. That’s the official term:


: existing in… every part of something

In my words, autism encompasses everything.

Autism is ubiquitous, inescapable (positive or negative), total, and complete in my life.

Autism is part of everything I do, think, and experience. Autism is part of everything that’s me. Being Autistic affects everything.

Autism is always present and it completes me.

If I wasn’t Autistic then I wouldn’t be myself.

Something that stunned me, upon finding writings by other Autistic people, was just how much I related to the things they wrote. This was similar to how I’d felt when I read Aspergirls and it was a very foreign feeling.

The more I read, the more my life made sense, and the more omnipresent I realized autism was.

When I was going through my memories and deciding what to talk about during my evaluation intake appointment, it was astounding how one memory would lead to another. Every confusing thing or bizarre occurrence in my life that I’d written off and forgotten due to my inability to understand what on earth had happened was explained. Just like that!


I do not “have autism,” I am Autistic.

Being Autistic has affected everything in my life – sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

There is no “me” separate from autism and I will always be Autistic no matter how I appear to others.

April is coming. One of my favorite months. My birth month.

It saddens and disgusts me that hate groups have co-opted my month and tried to turn it into something that oppresses Autistics.

If allistics (non-Autistics) are going to become more “aware” that Autistic people exist, then I’d like them to be aware that this is who we are and that acceptance is what we need in order to thrive. Not only from others, but from ourselves – self acceptance.

I’m thrilled beyond words that the Autistic Community is taking back April and I’m proud to support Autism Acceptance Month this April.

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