Number 100

This is a first for me. I've never written a blog this personal and I've certainly never written 100 posts on a blog before. My previous attempts at blogging, without knowing I was Autistic or perhaps suspecting but not really having that acceptance or understanding yet, all fell apart very quickly. It's impossible to write … Continue reading Number 100

Seeking Understanding

As I've already explored, communication and relationship difficulties between Autistics and allistics (non-Autistics) are not solely the fault of Autistics. Both sides have to seek understanding. To start with the obvious, understanding of Autistics cannot come from reading allistic perspectives of Autistic lives. Allistics haven't lived it. They are only guessing about what it's like to … Continue reading Seeking Understanding

Low on Words

When things get hectic, stressful, or busy I often will get low on words. This isn't the same thing as losing words completely, but my ability to effectively communicate becomes lessened. I began writing this post months ago, but April's interactions with non-Autistics have already stolen many of my words so it's very relevant right now. … Continue reading Low on Words

Being Misunderstood and Mutism

Image description: Background is blue/white/grey ice crystals with the overlaying text reading, "Misunderstandings were constant, I could not get away. I pored over the dictionary to decide what to say. Unfairly, although we used the same words, We weren't speaking the same language, their meanings unheard, my meanings incorrectly inferred. ~Mamautistic, 2016" Being misunderstood is … Continue reading Being Misunderstood and Mutism