Brainspace and Recent Happenings

I’ve been absent a bit lately. My mind hasn’t been able to fit writing in around everything else that’s been going on.

See, I have a limited amount of brainspace available at any given time and it’s just been filled with so much else that going on twitter and writing really haven’t featured in much. This is partly why there tend to be large gaps in my paper journals as well as in my online writings. I did a really amazing job of keeping up with regular writing on here for a full year! It was only a matter of time before something (or things) came up and prevented me from making effective words for a while.

So what’s been going on?

My region has been getting pummeled by a hurricane over the weekend and before that there was the anticipation of watching and wondering if it would hit us hard or not so much because there were so many possible tracks it could’ve taken. (we’re safe)

I have some friends who are going through difficult situations and I’ve been serving as an auxiliary/support brain of sorts for them as they rediscover who they are and accept that they’re valuable human beings who deserve to be treated by others with love and respect (they really, really are and do!).

My house became overrun by houseflies for a few days. They’re gone now and we never figured out where they came from, but hopefully we evicted them effectively and won’t see any more because there’s not much more distressing in my own home than having flies dive-bombing my face with their overwhelming buzzing throughout the day 😦

I’ve had some recent suspicions that things aren’t quite right healthwise for me and it’s gotten worse recently. I’m just tired all the time and have more trouble than usual actually getting anything done. I finally made a doctor appointment a couple weeks ago, but couldn’t get in until next month (because US healthcare doesn’t have waiting times or anything – I’m being super sarcastic with that waiting times comment) so I will hopefully get some helpful answers soon.

That’s all I can think of right now although I know there’s more. I’m reading Nerdy, Shy, and Socially Inappropriate by Cynthia Kim and it’s absolutely lovely! And I’ll try to be back more consistently in the near future because I miss writing and I miss twitter and I miss having the energy and brainspace to participate in both those things.

6 thoughts on “Brainspace and Recent Happenings

    1. Thank you! ❤

      Oh goodness, they really were. I'm so glad they're gone now and we're doing extra cleaning to hopefully make sure it doesn't happen again. We still have no idea where they came from though.


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